Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose us? What makes Empty Space Films unique?


Not only do we include two highlight films, but we also separately capture all of the important events with professional video and audio! Other videographers only produce a single highlight video, but not us!  Our background is in film, so we understand the importance of storytelling and making our footage cinematic!

Is wedding videography worth it?

Absolutely! Memories are precious. You can't redo your wedding day! Not only do we film and create two highlight films, we also separately record all of the important events, such as the ceremony, first-look, cake-cutting, toasts, dances, etc. You will be able to watch these amazing memories for years to come and share them with family members. You will be able to show your kids and grandkids how beautiful your wedding was. Most important than all, you will have a single video that captures the endless love between you and your partner to cherish forever, and that is priceless.  

Why is wedding videography so expensive?

Wedding videography is so expensive for a few reasons. First, there aren't many videographers in Omaha that capture weddings, so you are paying for expertise and experience. Second, in order to capture cinematic video, very expensive equipment must be used. Finally, videography takes a very long time to edit. Although you are only with us during the wedding day, we are with you for many weeks afterward. On average, we spend between 20-24 hours editing all of the videos we deliver to you in the final package. 8-10 of those hours are spent cutting and editing the footage together, and the rest goes into color-grading the footage, which involves maliciously manipulating the contrast and colors of each clip. 

Do you require a deposit or contract? 

No, and yes. We DO NOT require a deposit. Once you have us booked, we will not book another wedding due to a higher offer. We DO require that both parties sign a simple videography contract to protect everyone in case something were to happen. 

How does payment work?


We are very flexible with payment. We understand that weddings can be a stressful time, so anything we can do to make things less stressful for you, the better. You can either pay with a check or through our website with a credit/debit card! All payments can be made under the "Book Online" tab. 

Do we get 1or 2 highlight films? 

You will get two! One highlight film will be between 1-2 minutes long and consists of a shortened version of your wedding day for you to share on social media so family and friends who couldn't attend can see it. The other highlight film will be between 10-15 minutes long and will go through the entire day, highlighting the important and cinematic moments. We will not share this video, as it may be personal to you, but you are more than welcome to share it with others or post it on social media!

How many videographers does my package come with? 

We will always have at least two videographers. One person focuses on getting footage for the highlight films while the other person focuses on audio and the separate videos.